March, 2013

Capital Will Be Used to Extend Leadership Position; Build Additional "Big Data" Technologies to Increase Revenue for Its Customers

NEW YORK, MARCH 4, 2014 – Audiam (, launched mid-2013 to get music publishers, labels and artists paid for the use of their music in YouTube, has secured $2 million in funding from a strategic group of investors, including:
  • Jason Mraz  (Grammy award winning multi-platinum selling Artist/Songwriter)
  • Brett Gurewitz (founder/owner of Epitaph and Anti- Records. Co-Founder of and songwriter for Bad Religion)
  • Jimmy Buffett (multi-platinum selling Artist/Songwriter, entrepreneur, writer and songwriter)
  • Bill Silva (manager, concert promoter, music publisher)
  • GSO Business Group (top business L.A.-based management firm specializing in music, film/television and sports Industries)
  • Jonathan Siegel (software engineer and leading advisor to mobile and cloud companies)
  • David Willen (author and recognized leader in cloud architecture, CTO Barnes&, CTO, software architect Dun & Bradstreet)
  • Scott Schreer (multiple BMI-award winning composer, CEO global digital music fingerprinting company TuneSat, NFL on Fox Composer/Producer)
In just the last seven months, Audiam has combined its unique understanding of music copyright and proprietary cutting edge technology to establish itself as the leader in getting copyright holders paid for the use of their music on YouTube.

Audiam's got a value proposition where everyone wins: the user at home posting videos, the songwriter, the recording artist, the fan, YouTube, everyone. Their combination of copyright knowledge and tech capability puts them in a class of their own. It’s why we use them and why I invested in them. – Brett Gurewitz, founder and CEO, Epitaph, Anti- Records, Bad Religion

"We at GSO have decided to invest in Audiam after Audiam produced quantifiable results for our clients and others who signed up for their service. We believe that Audiam's deep understanding of music copyright combined with their knowledge and track history of building the right technology systems have created a powerful and unique system that tremendously benefits our clients and the entire music industry." - Bernie Gudvi, GSO Business Management

It’s rare to meet an expert in DRM or even music bit rates and even more rare to meet an expert in royalty rights and royalty rates. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jeff [Price] redefine the digital music industry—sharing a vision that was a decade ahead of the market—and delivering the dominant player when the market arrived. Jeff pairs his understanding of musician’s desires and ecosystem actors, underpinned with a drumbeat of technology, to deliver value. – Jonathan Siegel, serial entrepreneur

Big data is the application of advanced technology to find actionable knowledge and insights from the very large data sets present in any business. I have had the opportunity to apply big data concept with great success in such varied industries as retail, financial services and social networking, but only Jeff Price has the vision to apply it to the world of music copyright. I am incredibly excited to be a part of his new venture. – David Willen, Founder/CTO Audiam, technology leader and author

YouTube is a sponge, which if squeezed correctly, rains money. The challenge is to create a cutting-edge, first-of-its-kind technology system built for the new digital music industry that can be applied to the analog world of antiquated, complex and confusing copyright. With these systems in place, the right people and copyright holders get paid more money more quickly, with as much transparency and efficiency as possible. We work to serve the artist, songwriter, musician, label and copyright holder and get them paid in the new digital model. This is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the world. – Jeff Price, Founder/CEO Audiam

Audiam now represents a catalog of over 100,000 songs, including some of the most valuable and beloved in the world. These include works written or performed by Jason Mraz, Dolly Parton, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, NWA, Magnetic Fields, Irving Berlin, Elvis Presley, Tori Amos, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Superchunk, Herbie Hancock, Pretty Lights, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, Phil Collins, Graham Nash, Kayne West, 50 Cent, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Aimee Mann, Grizzly Bear, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra, Eminem, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Yelawolf and thousands more.

Audiam’s clients includes independent artists as well as some of the most important music copyright holders in the world, such as Imagem (the world's largest independent music publisher, representing Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Mötley Crüe and thousands more), Velvet Apple (Dolly Parton’s music publishing catalog), Coral Reefer (Jimmy Buffet’s music publishing catalog), Ruthless Attack Muzick (NWA’s music publishing catalog) and many more.

Partial list of Audiam clients:

Imagem (The world's largest indie publisher: includes the music publishing catalogs of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Daft Punk, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Irving Berlin, Mötley Crüe, Boosey & Hawkes, Elvis Presley and thousands more)

Velvet Apple (Dolly Parton music publishing catalog)

Coral Reefer (Jimmy Buffet music publishing catalog)

June, 2013

TuneCore Founders Jeff Price & Peter Wells Unveil Beta of Their New Company, Audiam

Audiam gets artists paid for the use of their music on YouTube.
Prior to Audiam’s launch, most artists had no access to compensation.

New York, NY (June 12, 2013) – TuneCore founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells, continuing their mission to ensure all artists get paid for the use of their music, today unveiled a beta version of their new company, Audiam (

Audiam is an online service that gets money for artists when their music is used on YouTube.

The beta version of Audiam was made available today for artists residing anywhere outside of the US. After further refinement, the service will launch globally, in full form, early this summer.

Every month on YouTube there are more than 25 billion videos viewed containing music. Of these 25 billion, approximately half generate an estimated $1.3 billion in advertising revenue that, to date, has gone almost exclusively to the major labels. Audiam provides a system to authorize the other 12.5 billion views to generate ad revenue.

For the first time, any artist can now make money from videos on YouTube that have their music in them.

Both views of videos on YouTube with music in them as well as YouTube ad revenue are projected to grow substantially over the next 18 months. [See "Morgan Stanley Thinks YouTube Will Be a $20 Billion Business" via All Things D:]

“Until now, artists have not had the needed access to make money from YouTube—access that has almost exclusively been the world of the major labels,” said Audiam CEO and founder Jeff Price. “As we did with TuneCore, Peter and I are going to make sure every artist has access to the same services as the majors and gets their money whenever and wherever their music is used.”

Artists can check out Audiam’s beta version today at

There is no up front cost to use the service; artists sign up at and upload as many songs as they like for free. Audiam then finds videos on YouTube that use those songs, authorizes YouTube to put ads on those videos and administers the artist's share of the money back to them.

Audiam also supplies YouTube information, allowing it to auto-generate buy links for the music in iTunes, AmazonMP3 and Google Play. These buy links appear just below the YouTube video.

Audiam charges a flat 25 percent administrative fee. There are no up-front costs for sign-up or uploading music.

Further details on the service, as well as new features now in development, will be announced when the service is launched.

For more information:

Canada: Don Hogarth / 416-565-8920

U.S.: Brendan Gilmartin / Chart Room Media / 347 450-3048