General FAQ

What is Audiam?

Audiam gets artists paid when their music is used on YouTube.

Does Audiam provide any other services aside from YouTube?

Not at this time.

Where does the money come from?

Advertising. Advertisers pay YouTube for ads on videos. YouTube takes a percentage of this ad money and pays out the rest. When YouTube gets paid, so do you.

Does Audiam get me paid from views on my own videos on YouTube?

Yes. And you get 100% of the money generated from your own videos on YouTube. We do need you to tell us your YouTube Channel Name so we know it's yours. See this section of the FAQ.

Does Audiam take any of my money from views of my own videos on YouTube?

No. Not a single penny. You get 100% of the revenue generated from your own videos on YouTube.

Just upload Audiam a copy of the recording of the song in your own video, or link your account to ours, and you get 100% of the revenue.

For the first time, every artist can earn money and get 100% of their royalties from views of their own videos on YouTube videos, even when those videos are embedded on other Web pages.

Be sure to tell us your YouTube Channel Name so we know what's yours. See this section of the FAQ.

Why should I use Audiam to make money on YouTube?

It’s easier and faster to sign up with Audiam to make money on YouTube than via any other entity in the world. You’ll make more money on views of your own videos and can even make money from other people's videos as well.

The Benefits Of Audiam:

  • You get 100% of the money: Audiam pays you 100% of any money paid by YouTube from views of your own videos on YouTube with your music in them.
  • We can get you higher paying ads: We authorize YouTube to place both text ads and the higher paying video ads on your video.
  • There are no earning minimums: Audiam has no earning minimum to get paid. YouTube requires you to earn a minimum of $100 before you get paid.
  • You make money from views of other peoples’ videos: We get you paid when other people use your music in their videos (you can't do this on your own).
  • It’s easier: There is no need to sign up for multiple accounts and services. You come to Audiam, click a button and you’re done.
  • Audiam has the contracts as well as staff and infrastructure to:
    • Get you 100% of the money from views of your own videos
    • Find other people’s videos using your music.
    • Get text ads or commercials placed in or on other people’s videos.
    • Increase the amount of ad money you make.
    • Teach you how to get found more often in YouTube.
    • Make sure other people are not telling YouTube they own your music.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for everyone.

You get 100% of the money from views on your own videos. In addition, Audiam gets you money from other people who use your music in their YouTube videos (you can’t do this on your own).

Audiam only charges a 25% administrative fee if it gets you additional money from other people using your music on YouTube.

How does it work?

Audiam is free to use.

To get going:

  1. Create a free Audiam account,
  2. Upload a recording (called the "Master"), or
  3. Send us a list of songs whose lyrics and melody (called "Compositions") you control,

And you’re done. Once we get the information, we go to work using our own and YouTube's technology to find all the videos in YouTube that have your music in it, including your own.

When we find these videos, we authorize YouTube to put text ads and/or commercials in or on the videos. When those ads generate advertising revenue, the advertiser pays YouTube and we get you your share.

When does an ad generate revenue?

A video generates revenue if the text or banner is clicked on or if the whole commercial, or a minimum of 30 seconds of the commercial, is watched.

Why do you need exclusive rights?

We need the exclusive right because YouTube requires us to have the exclusive right.

Do I still control my rights?

Yes. Audiam does not own your copyrights, you do. We work for you.

What do I need to use Audiam?

You need:

  • the rights to the sound recording (the "Master") or the lyrics and melody of the song (the "Composition"), or both.
  • a valid email address
  • to be over 18 (or have your parent or guardian represent you)
  • a way for us to pay you.

What's an ISRC and do I need one?

"ISRC" stands for "International Standard Recording Code." You pay an organization, and they give you a unique number that you can choose to associate with one of your songs. You don't need one, but if you have one for your song you can use it at Audiam.

NOTE: YouTube doesn't track the use of recordings of song by ISRC codes.

Do I need to include album information?


Does my song need to have been "released" or made available on iTunes or publicly some other way?


EXCEPTION: If you are a Publisher ("Composition"-only) customer, you must provide a URL to any YouTube video that features a recording of your composition(s). Additionally (but optionally), you can supply an ISRC or Song Code for any one released recording which features that composition.

I only control rights to the recording of the song. Can I use Audiam?


I only control a percentage of the rights to the composition (lyrics and melody). Can I use Audiam?


I control the rights to both recording (master) and the composition (lyrics and melody). Can I use Audiam?


What if more than one person wrote the lyrics and melody (the "Composition")?

Audiam only represents you, and we'll get you your share of the money. Co-owners of the Composition either need to find a way get their share of the money themselves or join Audiam and have us get it for them.

Does it create any problems if I use Audiam and I'm a member of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

No, it does not conflict at all. Actually, quite the opposite.

A deal with Audiam unlocks more of your Performing Rights Organization YouTube money. Here's why:

YouTube needs TWO rights to your music:

  • The right of "Public Performance," represented by your Performing Rights Organization
  • The right of "synchronization," represented by Audiam

Without these two rights grants, your composition cannot make money on YouTube. (With very rare exception, YouTube will not do a deal directly with you for these two rights.) Audiam needs the Performing Rights Organization and the Performing Rights Organization needs Audiam: each has a different piece of the puzzle.

Only once YouTube has both the right for Public Performance from your PRO and the right for synchronization from Audiam can you begin to make money from vews of other peoples' YouTube videos containing covers of your songs or recordings of your music. Then:

  • YouTube pays the money for Public Performance to the PRO and they pay it to you, and
  • YouTube pays the money for synchronization to Audiam and Audiam pays it to you.

Best of all, now you have statements from both that can be used to audit to make sure each is paying you what you are supposed to get.

Can I use Audiam if I'm NOT a member of a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)?

Yes. There are no conflicts or problems.

Does Audiam get any of my money from a PRO?


Do I need to upload a copy of my master?

No. You only need to upload a copy of a master if you control the rights to the master (the sound recording). If you control the composition only, you don't need to upload a song.

Why am I sending Audiam a copy of my master?

When we get a copy of your recording, it's digitally "fingerprinted" by both Audiam and YouTube so we can scan through billions of videos in YouTube to find the ones that are using it.

We won't give away, share, sell or use your recording in any other way without your permission.

What kind of audio files can I upload, and why must it be 33 seconds or longer?

You can upload any .mp3, .mp4 or .wav file. Upload files with a high bit rate, but it's not critical to have perfect fidelity. No embedded tags, please.

YouTube requires any audio to be 33 seconds or longer.

Can I use my music right from SoundCloud?

Yes. If you have a SoundCloud account, Audiam's "Add Song" process now lets you transfer your song and its title directly from SoundCloud. Simply log into your SoundCloud account when prompted.

For more about SoundCloud, visit

What happens after I've uploaded my sound recording (master) and/or composition information to Audiam?

First, sound recordings get digitally "fingerprinted." Next, all the billions of videos in YouTube (past, present and future) begin to get scanned on an ongoing basis to see if there is a match between the digital "fingerprint" of your recording and the music in the video. When a match is found, we tell YouTube to allow advertising to be sold on that video.

If you control just the music and lyrics (the "Composition"), we take your information and our technology (and YouTube's) searches by the name of the song, the song writer and other information you supply us (see below) to find covers in videos all across YouTube. When a match is found, we tell YouTube to allow advertising to be sold on that video.

NOTE: When YouTube gets paid for the ad, so do you.

How long until I see results?

About 12-48 hours after you upload your song to Audiam, a digital "fingerprint" is made and then the search begins to find videos on YouTube with your music in them. It can take anywhere from four days to four weeks to scan the billions of videos on YouTube to find the first results.

If you gave us just the information about your lyrics and melody (the "Composition"), we get to work even faster. Still, it can take days or weeks for results to come in.

What if I already know of videos in YouTube that have my music in them?

If you already know about or have found videos on YouTube that have your music in them, email the YouTube URL(s) and the name of your song the video uses (must be music you've given to Audiam) to: We’ll target the specific videos and get YouTube to allow ads to be sold on them as soon as possible.

What if the YouTube video only uses a part of my recording?

When the video is found, we can still cause an ad to appear and get you your proportional share of the money.

What if the YouTube video with my music in it plays on a webpage that is somewhere else besides YouTube?

No matter where the YouTube video appears on the Web, Audiam will make sure you get paid when YouTube gets paid.

Do I make money every time a YouTube video with my music in it is watched?

No. If there is a text or banner ad on the YouTube video with your music in it and the watcher clicks on the text or banner, you make money. If there is a commercial before or after the video and the watcher watches up to 30 seconds or the entire commercial, you make money.

The bottom line is, you get paid when YouTube gets paid.

How do I get links to "buy my music on iTunes, Google Play & AmazonMP3" to appear below videos that have my music in them?

Videos that have your music in them can only get these links if:

  • Your music is already available to buy in those services (if its not, we recommend you use DistroKid to distribute your music into the music services), and
  • You entered the same ISRC or Song Identifier when you submitted your music to Audiam that you provided iTunes, Google or Amazon.

We deliver this information to YouTube along with which videos have your music in them. YouTube, through its own relationships with these stores, gets information from iTunes, Google Play and AmazonMP3 that allows it to create a link to buy your music in their stores. This link appears on YouTube below the videos.

NOTE: it can take as long as four weeks for these links to appear. In addition, they do not appear 100% of the time. The best way to make sure the buy links appear is to already have your music live in the stores and enter the ISRC or Song Identifier when you deliver your music to Audiam.

Can I see the ad revenue and other analytical information about the YouTube videos with my music in them?

Yes. We'll provide you this information as close to real time as we can. YouTube sends us the data and we give it to you.

Can the person who used my music in his or her video stop us from allowing YouTube to place ads on it?

No, but if they don't like having ads on the video, the only thing they can do is take the video down.

How much money do I make?

That depends on a few factors, including the type of ad (such as a text ad or a commercial), how popular the video is and what company sold the ad (such as Google's ad sales division or YouTube's ad sales division). You'll be able to log into your own YouTube account and see the information and know exactly how much you are making off of each view.

YouTube has written up a lot of information about their different types of ads. You can read more about them here.

Will I be notified when data and money have come into my account?


What percentage does Audiam take?

Any video you put up yourself (into your own "Channel," as YouTube calls it) that uses your own music will get you 100% of your earnings. Audiam takes nothing. Zero. 0%. But we won't know it's yours unless you tell us. See this section of the FAQ.

Audiam has a 25% administration fee of whatever it collects from YouTube for videos using your music outside of your "channel"--that's everyone except you. The rest goes to you.

Why am I getting a notice from YouTube telling me I do not control the rights to my own music in my own videos?

YouTube's computers--like all computers everywhere--are mindless. They will find and claim every video with your music in it, even videos you put up yourself with your own music in them.

If YouTube's system detects your music in any of your own videos, it will send you a notice that looks like this:

Just click "acknowledge" and that’s it. YouTube will now place ads on your video, including the higher paying video ads, and you get 100% of the money YouTube pays out. Audiam takes nothing.

Remember, we need to know the name of your YouTube channel! Please see the next section.

Do I need to tell Audiam my YouTube channel name and how do I find it?

If you have a YouTube channel (if you ever uploaded a video into YouTube, you have one), you have the option to tell us its name on your Profile Page. Audiam never takes a cut of your earnings on your own videos using your own music on your own YouTube channel, so we need to know your YouTube channel name.

If you've never put up a video into YouTube, you can leave this field blank. If you have, here's some important information:

HOW TO FIND YOUR YouTube Channel name:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your YouTube account
  3. Click on your user name in the top-right corner--a menu appears
  4. Click "My Channel"
  5. COPY AND PASTE either the entire URL or whatever's after the last "/" in the URL

Example: COPY and PASTE the URL "" or just "PeterFine2222"

How and when do I get paid?

DETAILED payment information lives on our My Money FAQ. Be sure and visit it!

As long as you meet the minimum payment threshold (you've got at least $5 (U.S.) in your Audiam account), we'll pay it within 45 days after the end of the calendar month, in one of two ways:

  • Audiam customers in the United States or Canada: we'll pay you via direct deposit to your U.S./Canada bank account. Be sure to complete your Profile page AND fill in all tax and bank information in your My Money pages. Unless this is all completed, we can't pay you.
  • Audiam customers outside the U.S. and Canada: we'll pay you using PayPal, but only to the email address you have on file as your Audiam account. Be sure to complete your Profile page (you do NOT need to fill in tax and bank information in your My Money pages). Unless your Profile page is completed, we can't pay you.

I made more than $5, but I haven't been paid, what's going on?

Here's what might have gone wrong:

  • Your Profile Page is incomplete. Did you fill out your address? What about your country? We need this page complete or you can't get paid. If you have a YouTube channel, please fill that in (if you don't have one, you can leave it blank).
  • You never clicked "My Money" and never created a Security Code. There's vital information in these pages.
  • You didn't complete your Tax Info page and/or your Bank Info page. If you're in the U.S. or Canada, these must be completed!
  • You gave us all the information we needed, but too late. We need lead time to process all payments. If you didn't give us the information we need in time, you'll have to wait until the next monthly payment cycle.
  • You made a typo or other mistake. Mistakes happen. But if you discover it too late, you'll have to fix it, then wait for the next month's payment cycle.
  • Your information changed. If your bank info changed, you'll have to update it!
  • We did pay you, but you haven't noticed. If we Direct Deposited your money to you, it may take some time to appear in your bank or on your bank statements. If we used PayPal to pay you, remember we only PayPal to the email address you used for your Audiam account--you'll have to check there.

Are there any fees?

Audiam isn't charging any fees. But if you receive your money from PayPal, they may charge a fee. If you use Direct Deposit, check with your bank for any fees or minimums they might have.

If Audiam is charged a fee due to rejected or failed payment, we'll pass those fees on to you.

How Can I use YouTube like Kickstarter to raise money?

Tell your fans to use your recordings in their videos or cover your songs, and you will get paid from views of their videos.

How do I get my music into digital stores like iTunes and AmazonMP3?

We recommend DistroKid for digital distribution of your recordings into stores like iTunes and AmazonMP3.

Can I do a deal with a label or someone else while I am in a deal with Audiam?

Yes, they would just inherit your Audiam account.