Audiam is a Digital Reproduction Collection Agency

We work for music publishers & self published songwriters

We License & Collect:
• YouTube Royalties
• U.S. Streaming Mechanical Royalties
• All Canadian Digital Mechanical Royalties

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Audiam is currently an invite only service

Layla - Advanced income tracking for music publishers

Layla is an advanced income tracking and reporting suite developed for publishers.

Our Core Services


Audiam finds videos on YouTube using your compositions without a license, authorizes YouTube to place ads on them and gets you back your percentage of the revenue.

It also makes sure the data in the YouTube database remains clean and accurate to assure the pipeline of money flows to you.

Digital Rights Services

Licensing, auditing, researching, sound recording identification and administration of interactive streaming mechanical royalties in the US and Canada for songwriters/publishers.

(We have found about 85% of the sound recordings are not being paid on representing 25% to 35% of the revenue.)


Audiam identifies/collects pipeline revenue of earned but unpaid royalties from US iTunes Match and US download mechanicals

How Audiam Works

Audiam is an interactive streaming mechanical royalty collection agency. It gets its music publishing members accurately paid from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Rhapsody, Beats, Amazon Prime, Mood Music, TouchTunes and other interactive streaming services. We license, police, research, audit, collect and distribute "interactive" streaming mechanical royalties.

Any publishing administrator (either self published or a larger publishing entity) can join Audiam as long as they represent the administrative rights to their songs/compositions.

Audiam was created as a collection agency with a new approach based around “big data". Through its own unique technology and business processes it locates the metadata for every sound recording of a specific composition.

With this data it allows us to determine who is/is not licensed and if you are being paid properly and on time. It also allows us to recover your past revenue and make certain you are paid in the future.