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Audiam - Digital Music Royalty Collection Company

What is Audiam?

Audiam is built on a proprietary digital royalty collection and payment engine. Our veteran team leverages big data to find your digital music royalties in hard to reach places and put them back where they belong: in your bank account.

Why Audiam?


Led by highly skilled and seasoned music industry veterans with 75+ years of experience, Audiam tailors its approach to client success by combining our proprietary tech with expert music royalty admin staff.

Our suite of services and proven solutions are trusted by a roster of world class clients. Our YouTube Certified team’s goal is to leverage data to establish a new level of trust and transparency in music publishing royalty collection.


Audiam leverages big data, innovative technology, and future-forward business processes to locate metadata for the sound recordings of your compositions.

How does it work?

Our proprietary enterprise systems dig deep to find instances of use, enhance and clean the data, and push it back out to  platforms using your music to help you get paid faster and more accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Audiam license and receive royalties?

The following is a list of online services that Audiam has licensed and from which Audiam collects royalties on behalf of our clients. New companies are added regularly.

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What type of content do I need in order to be represented by Audiam, including hiring Audiam to make claims on my behalf in YouTube's Content ID system?

In order for Audiam to represent you, you will need to have the following:

  • ownership of sound recordings and/or the musical works embodied in those sound recordings;
  • the ability to authorize Audiam, exclusively, to license digital service providers within the territory for which Audiam represents you and collect royalties from those providers for uses of the sound recordings or musical works you own; and
  • audio files of your sound recordings that are sufficiently distinct so that it can act as a reference file when videos are scanned by YouTube’s Content ID programs in an attempt to identify videos containing the sound recordings or musical works you own.

The sound recordings or musical works you register with Audiam cannot be or contain:

  • unlicensed samples, sound effects, sound bites, beats, or royalty-free music;
  • audio made available for free from sources such as Garage Band, Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops;
  • content licensed non-exclusively from a third party;
  • content released under Creative Commons or similar free/open licenses; or
  • public domain sound recordings.

More information about YouTube’s requirements can be found at:

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